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On the day we visited, Halloween was just around the corner, so the shop interior was adorned with creepy decorations, as if this was a school preparing for a spooky festival, and this subtle touch made it even easier for guests to get into the mood!The zaikōsei here come in all sorts of flavors, too.

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These little scenes are what visitors look forward to and expect to see, and you can be sure the shop certainly delivers them in spades!Let the tōkōsei know about your BL fantasy preferences, like who you want to be the The setting we chose for the characters this time is a sophomore student president who's dating a freshman.When the latter sees the former being friendly with another boy during lunch break, he gets jealous and they fight about it.School fees start at 1,000 yen (tax excluded) per hour for basic education, and one compulsory drink to be bought separately.For extended lessons, you'll pay an extra 500 yen (tax excluded) per 30-minutes block.To be specific, we're talking about the countless concept cafes in Ikebukuro that tickle the fancies of a maiden's heart.We've narrowed down the list to three must-visit cafes featuring good-looking guys and BL fan service that will appeal to fans of 2D art, good-looking guys, and the idol celebrity subculture of Japan!When you're ready to go, just say, "Gekō shimasu (I'm leaving school)!" to a zaikōsei and you'll be on your way in no time at all.From the innocent and naive younger brother figure type to the harsh and exacting older brother figure type - there's bound to be a personality that appeals to you!The color of the student's necktie reflects their grade.


  1. These sexy soldiers, nurses and police officers will surely make your Tuesday suck a little less.

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