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Granted, it is a rare sight nowadays to see BFFs and matching mood rings — or matching anything really.Instead of matching pendant necklaces, sentimental tokens of friendship have been dethroned by likes, comments, and #Throwback Thursdays.Upgrade the woven bracelets you learned to make at camp with a version featuring Swarovski crystals.It's a fun throwback to your younger years that you could share with that special friend who's known since you were both in braces.

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Instead of Snapchat streaks with your BFF, closeness was measured by more tangible means: matching friendship necklaces.

ASOS Best Friends Moon & Star Necklaces, , Asos Meet the updated, grown up version of the friendship heart necklace.

This set includes dainty silver and gold moons — a luxe way to show off your BFF status.

About a week after determining our BFF status, we decided to cement our life long sisterhood with a trip to Claire’s at the local mall to buy “Best Friendsnecklaces. For three whole months, we rocked those necklaces everywhere we went: the lunchroom, the playground and the school bus (we were only 9; our options were limited). Apparently, I was no longer BFF material, so my half of the necklace was permanently relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box.

While it didn’t work for Stacy and me, that doesn’t mean I abandoned the notion of token jewelry altogether.


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