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Team Home Finder Team Home Finder Nebraska Spyhouse Coffee Wooden Hill Brewing Alloy Brewing Company Sotastick New Homeowner Center at Summit Mortgage Blacklist Brewing Co Tin Wiskers Brewery Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub Torg Brewery Northstar Tavern Ursa Minor Brewing A block of rooms are being held at the New York, New York hotel.Andrew Conru is an American internet businessman who has founded e-commerce, advertising and online dating and personal ad sites including W3, Ad Knowledge, Web Personals, Friend Finder and Adult Friend Finder. Marc Bell is an American financier and entrepreneur.He is the managing partner of Marc Bell Capital, a Boca Raton, Florida-based firm founded in 2003.I am not a top notch hacker, but I did spend most of my life attempting to stop hackers from accessing or damaging data. As part of my job, I had to know how hackers did their jobs and became moderately good at it.It may sound devious or somehow over the line, but would you buy a lock from a lock manufacturer that professed to know nothing about how a lock is picked? Anyway, with my limited talents I could easily have walked into the Friend Finder database and collected the same thing that ROR[RG] collected and, using it for analysis, written my story. Instead I went to ROR[RG]’s area where he had placed the data.

For context of just how big this breach is, the Ashley Madison hack affected 32 million people.

Of the 535 members of congress, only 16 Congressmen and two Senators were members of this adult website. Another 230,000 or so rank and file employees of fortune 500 companies were also members – following in the footsteps of their admired superiors no doubt. Of the 2,400,000 odd employees of the Federal Government, we find a measly 120,000 or so who were members. When I tell you, however, that over 90 percent of all these members accessed the website, perused photographs (mostly naked or semi-naked), sent texts and emails and shared fascinating sexual fantasies with uncountable numbers of people while on the job and while using government or corporate computers, you might raise an eyebrow or two.

The above tragically fascinating information comes from a well publicized hack of Adult Friendfinder, accomplished last week by “ROR[RG]”, a hacker living in the beautiful and magical city of Bangkok, Thailand.

The company also kept logins for a site they don’t even run anymore (Friend Finder sold to Penthouse Global Media in February).

Friend Finder also retained email and passwords for over 15 million people who had deleted their accounts.


  1. Marc Bell is an American financier and entrepreneur. He is the managing partner of Marc Bell. In the 2008 Bell attempted to enter the Las Vegas casino market and was. In 2010 Bell, through Friend Finder Networks, tried to acquire Playboy. Your NYU Trustees Marc Bell, Whose Company Owns AdultFriendFinder".

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