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He wanted his friend to get paid, so he went public.I would estimate that for every computer hack that reaches the public’s knowledge there are 100 hacks that go unnoticed.For a hack to reach public awareness someone has to make a serious mistake, or they are demanding money or some other asset or, in the case of ROR[RG], they have an ax to grind.ROR[RG] insisted that Adult Friend Finder (the company) owed a friend of his nearly a quarter of a million dollars.Of the 535 members of congress, only 16 Congressmen and two Senators were members of this adult website. Another 230,000 or so rank and file employees of fortune 500 companies were also members – following in the footsteps of their admired superiors no doubt. Of the 2,400,000 odd employees of the Federal Government, we find a measly 120,000 or so who were members. When I tell you, however, that over 90 percent of all these members accessed the website, perused photographs (mostly naked or semi-naked), sent texts and emails and shared fascinating sexual fantasies with uncountable numbers of people while on the job and while using government or corporate computers, you might raise an eyebrow or two.The above tragically fascinating information comes from a well publicized hack of Adult Friendfinder, accomplished last week by “ROR[RG]”, a hacker living in the beautiful and magical city of Bangkok, Thailand.All previous hacks of Adult Friend Finder that I am aware of were done by hackers who simply wanted to know whether their girlfriend, or boyfriend was possibly cheating on them.

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For now, Leaked Source says it will not make the data set searchable by the general public. For one, the company either stored user passwords in plaintext, without any protection, or hashed them using the notoriously weak SHA1 algorithm, according to Leaked Source.

In 2010 Bell, through Friend Finder Networks, tried to acquire Playboy Enterprises but was rebuffed after a 0 million bid.

The 14 largest Megachurches in the world range from the Lakewood Church in Houston Texas (45,000 Members) to the Yoido Church in Seoul Korea (253,000 Members). It is comforting to note that the pastors of only two of these churches were members of Adult Friend Finder, (the online dating service and swinger personals community website for Friend Finder, Inc.), and both were searching for anonymous gay hookups. Of the fortune 500 corporations, fewer than 1,420 executives (directors, VPs and above) were members of Adult Friend Finder.

As usual, being a day late and a dollar short, by the time I knocked on the door he was selling incomplete segments of the database for non-exclusive use for ,000.

That’s more than I make for an article, so paying him (he wanted bitcoins by the way) was out of the question.


  1. Jun 4, 2015. This was absolutely not the first hack of Adult Friend Finder. I was even invited to keynote DefCon in August of last year in Las Vegas, which I.

  2. Marc Bell is an American financier and entrepreneur. He is the managing partner of Marc Bell. In the 2008 Bell attempted to enter the Las Vegas casino market and was. In 2010 Bell, through Friend Finder Networks, tried to acquire Playboy. Your NYU Trustees Marc Bell, Whose Company Owns AdultFriendFinder".

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  4. Nov 13, 2016. If you have an account on AdultFriendFinder, Cams.com, Penthouse, Stripshow and/or — and reused it on other sites — you should.

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