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Adult friend finder password

It's not bigger than Yahoo's abysmal security apocalypse, during which we just found out 500 million accounts were compromised in 2014.Yet FFN's epic catastrophe far exceeds the likes of e Bay (145M), Anthem (80M), Sony (77M), JP Morgan Chase (76M), Target (70M) and Home Depot (56M).Revolver is known for finding adult website security issues, and they confirmed to that the flaw was being actively exploited.Right away, Leaked Source began to receive files from Friend Finder's databases -- some 100 million records.Like all sectors -- government, retail, finance and healthcare -- the adult and porn businesses are feeling the consequences of not making security a priority, in the worst possible ways. Take for example this week's breach-bloodbath, in which Friend Finder Networks (FFN) lost their Sourcefire code to criminal hackers and put their users in serious risk.

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But wait, there's more embarrassment to be had by all.

The records have been found by Leaked Source to contain 15,766,727 million accounts that were supposed to have been deleted.

They wrote, "It is impossible to register an account using an email that's formatted this way which means the addition of '' was done behind the scenes by Adult Friend Finder."This breach actually happened last month.

Right now, generally the adult sites that have better security are indies outside the mainstream industry, like queer porn sites and sex culture blogs (like mine).

Hopefully we don't need to have another OPM-of-adult security tragedy, like the Friend Finder debacle, to see the leading porn sites with the majority of users get up to speed in the fight against hack attacks.


  1. Nov 18, 2016. More than 900,000 accounts used the password "123456," 101,046 used. In May 2015, Adult FriendFinder was hacked, and the attackers.

  2. FriendFinder Networks, which runs thousands of adult-themed sites in what it. Others had been hashed, the process by which a plaintext password is.

  3. Nov 13, 2016. Almost every account password was cracked, thanks to the company's. The hack includes 339 million accounts from

  4. Jan 31, 2017. FriendFinder Networks owns several adult-only websites where. as it is still a common practice for people to use the same password multiple.

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