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Victoria Santos love of theater goes back to singing to the soundtrack of Mary Poppins and starring as Raggedy Ann in a play in elementary school.

At Fisher College, she studied to be a Medical Assistant and followed that with working at the Lawrence School in Falmouth where, among many hats, she has directed the middle school play for the past six years.

He has worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for over 3 decades as a senior photographer.

Tom has taught summer courses in the past exploring pinhole photography and how cameras work and both darkroom and digital photography.

She lives with her husband, three daughters, two rabbits, a dog, and chickens, in Waquoit.

Martha Borden still remembers the first time sitting down at her Singer sewing machine in middle school.

She soon found herself drawn to finding new ways to create with fibers in all forms–including sewing, knitting, embroidery, weaving, and felting. Martha is the Director of Technology for Falmouth Academy and looks forward to starting her fourth year at the school.

In 2013 he became the first Director of the Sandwich STEM Academy.

He completed his graduate work in biology at Florida State University.


  1. Way to get her back there. With new friend Agnes, can he work out how to make time travel happen. Suitable for adult beginners and children; ideal for Class 5 in the Steiner-Waldorf curricul. Read more. Torin M. Finser. Price £12.99.

  2. I worked with Torin Finser, clearly their son, at Antioch New England twenty years ago. so clearly now, but very difficult since I am also the mother of four near adult children. Hello Kate, Just a hello from your old friend from Reed College.

  3. The context of a series of phases that stretches into adult life. His treatment of. just as I might feel sympathy if I meet a friend or antipathy if I meet someone.

  4. She teaches woodwinds, piano, and ukulele, ages three to adult. She studied art and painting under Lian Quan Zhen and Karine Munk Finser as well as. Judy Kleindinst has enjoyed cooking for friends and family for many years and has a.

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