sex talk" with your parents. Or not. Or learned about human reproduction in health class. Or maybe you've heard a lot.">

Dating and sex

Still, daters do tell stories of being harmed by potential partners they met online, and these accounts can be blood-curdling -- a worst-case scenario when you're hopefully flipping through endless photos of smiling people on vacation, hanging out with friends and holding up large, lifeless fish.

It's also an unfortunate reminder you can't always rely on your favorite services to have your back.

Online dating apps aren't the only services whose users have reported sexual assault.

On Wednesday, , alleging the company hasn't done enough to protect them from sexual assault by drivers.

You can see photos, bios and answers to quirky personality questions, but that's about it.

In a report out this week, Columbia Journalism Investigations and Pro Publica charged that Match Group, the company that owns popular dating apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid, doesn't perform background checks on users.

If so, consider sharing before a relationship becomes serious.The company acknowledged that registered sex offenders have access to those platforms, and the report told told of several women who met them online and were raped by them.Match Group's flagship service,, does perform background checks.Match Group strongly refuted the report in a statement, saying it's "inaccurate, disingenuous and mischaracterizes Match Group safety policies as well as our conversations with Pro Publica." The company said it spends millions of dollars annually to prevent, monitor and remove "bad actors," including registered sex offenders, from its apps."As technology evolves, we will continue to aggressively deploy new tools to eradicate bad actors, including users of our free products like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Ok Cupid where we are not able to obtain sufficient and reliable information to make meaningful background checks possible," Match Group said.Consider these strategies when developing new relationships: People’s preferences differ about when to share their cancer experiences.You may think it is too personal to share immediately.First, there's no fault to be leveled at anyone who didn't think to check the sex offender registry before grabbing drinks.Second, not everyone with a criminal record deserves a stain forever -- people and the lives they lead are messy and complicated.This printable guide helps start the discussion about fertility preservation, introduces the risks of infertility from cancer and its treatment, and provides questions to ask the health care team.Order printed copies of this fact sheet from the ASCO Store.


  1. There's a good chance you've had the "sex talk" with your parents. Or not. Or learned about human reproduction in health class. Or maybe you've heard a lot.

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  3. Now I know I'm extrapolating the term “dating” to a romantic relationship but dating is usually a prerequisite to a relationship so given this, this is what I have to.

  4. New Dir Child Adolesc Dev. 2014 Summer;201414453-69. doi 10.1002/cad.20060. The complexities of adolescent dating and sexual relationships fluidity.

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