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Or even get her to visit her friend at the lingerie store and instigate a threesome!!!

I haven’t actually managed to initiate any of these endings yet (Dating Ariane is really really hard, probably why it is so addictive) but I’ve read about them on a Dating Ariane walkthrough (Yep, Dating Ariane is that popular that a walkthrough for it exists) and seen the screenshots so they do exist.

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I have my roommate Jos to blame for Dating Ariane, but it’s way more fun than King of Kings 3 and Cheeky Bingo – although it doesn’t give you the potential to win money like either of those did – so I’ll let him off. The basic premise of Dating Ariane is that you arrive at this babe Ariane’s house and have to take her on a date with the main aim of what every guy is trying to do on a date – you know, to get laid. Basically at any time in Dating Ariane depending on where you click on the screen there will be a few different options and it depends which combination of options you choose as to how far you get with Ariane that night.

Try and touch her breasts when you first meet her and the date is off!

Dating ariane paintings help Ariane is a virtual girlfriend you can date.

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