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His friends and others living in Atlanta are big fans of reality shows, so he would always get approached.“I get recognized maybe three times a day,” he says, but not as often as he would back home.He also says being nude heightens the senses, comparing the experience to when a person removes their shoes and socks, and feels the ground with their bare feet.Being naked forces people to be themselves and thus, allows a person’s personality to truly shine, according to Herndon.“I wasn’t expecting it to be a super grand experience,” says Herndon, since Panama is not as technologically advanced as the U. To his surprise, technology was as irrelevant as clothing, and he ended up spending his first time out of the country in paradise, while changing his outlook on life and love. “I didn’t get married,” he says, “but stay tuned.” : News Director Assistant, former BBC Managing Editor.I'm a senior journalism major and psychology minor.However, what the two found was friendship rather than love.Herndon says the distance between Atlanta, where he is originally from, and Idaho, where Candace stays, is too much to sustain a relationship — especially now that he is living in Miami.

In case you missed the news that traditional courtship is dead, naked people on VH1 stand ready to enlighten you.Now granted, VH1 didn’t have any original programming on Thursday nights between March 29 and June 29, but triple digit rises are nothing to be scoffed at.Then again, was seen by a total 374,000 audience of 374,000.That support is similar to what he received from friends and family.Herndon says his family was concerned with how his appearance on the show would affect his future career, but trusted he would carry himself in a decent manner.However, he says this allowed for a unique bonding experience with his date.“You have to make them feel like you have their back and they have yours,” he says.He says so far, none of his classmates at the Engineering Center recognize him from the show, and if they do they do not approach him.But Herndon says if someone sees him and is curious about his experience, they should say so.But he says being on the show did change the way he approaches relationships.“I pay attention more to a person’s mindset,” he says.


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