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In previous generations, there was a strongly held belief that women lose interest in sex after menopause.

This belief does not appear to persist today, as revealed by data from recent studies.

Greater interest and participation in sex among women aged 50 , especially when compared with their younger counterparts, does not necessarily translate into greater knowledge about STI risk and prevention.

These women graduated from high school before 1980, when comprehensive sex education became common.

An increasing number of single women in the 50 age bracket are dating and seeking romantic sexual partners.

These older adults are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV later in the course of their disease, usually because they are unaware of risk factors.

For women, the major risk factor is having sex with a man infected with HIV, which accounted for 86% of new HIV cases in women in 2015.

The survey results reflected a trend toward more open attitudes about sex than in the two previous surveys of 19.

Of note, the proportion of adults aged 45 who believed that people should not have a sexual relationship if they are not married fell from 41% in 1999 to 34% in 2004 and to 22% in 2009.


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