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Forget about long walks on the beach and focus on the motion of the ocean. One poll by cruise company Royal Caribbean found that 99% of the 1,000 people surveyed said that sex was their favorite cruise activity, 62% said they had better sex at sea, and 52% were more likely to have sex on a cruise ship than on land.

Sure, maybe it's just vacation sex — or maybe there's something special about a cruise.

And cruise sex can get pretty kinky, even if you're not on a swinger's cruise.

Another survey, this one by cruise blog Cruzely, found that 10% of those surveyed had had public sex on a cruise ship, with balconies being the most popular location.

He was a crowd favorite this year at International Mr.

Leather, where he exploded assumptions about leathermen by strutting onto the stage in high femme stiletto heels, a corset, and a fur wrap.

"They take an hour when they get through the door, and they progress down into puppy mode.

This was the scene at the monthly mosh held by Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEA-PAH), our local puppy-play group. When he's in pup mode, he said, he has "no real inner monologue. Affectionate and loving and sharing myself." One of Amp's first encounters with pups was on a camping trip with some friends, two of whom were a puppy and his daddy. A lot of people, when they go into a relationship, they tend to hide off parts of themselves that they're embarrassed about.

Why not just listen to Enya and squeeze a stress ball?

That's harder to answer, but I suspect that some pups just need a more forceful way to relax, or maybe the structure of puppy play, loose though it may be, provides permission to unwind.

And while most of this sex happens between couples, some single people hook up on a cruise, too.

According to the Cruzely survey, 5.5% of those surveyed had hooked up with someone they met on a cruise.


  1. The Wildest Cruise Ship Sex Stories On Reddit You're Welcome. And cruise sex can get pretty kinky, even if you're not on a swinger's cruise.

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