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Saucydates review

We also did not get any responses from the hot women that we contacted, which is a big letdown on any dating site. We truly recommend you to pick up a real hook up site. There is really no other way to put it except that free dating sites, Saucy included are a complete waste of time.

We did not set up any dates, and as you can already tell, we did not get laid. We recommend that you go for paid sites, specifically those that we have reviewed as our top 5.

Yeah, that’s not how a lot of guys do it-some of them send emails out to any girl who they think they can get, but we’ve been doing this a long time.

We know we’re good enough at getting dates (on GOOD sites) that we don’t have to settle.

On paid sites, especially GOOD ones like Social Sex.com, you’ll find about an equal ratio of males to females, around 50/50. Even the grossest, ugliest, most obnoxious girls can get laid on Saucy Dates.com, because there are just no other choices.

They’re girls, the kind that like having their pick of a hundred men, because the men are so desperate for any kind of female company.

The only other people that like Saucy are girls that can’t get laid on any other website, so they have to go to one like Saucy Let’s look deeper into what makes Saucy so absolutely terrible.

Read more of our review to figure out if this is a scam. We have said this before; there is nothing for you on a free dating site. There were far too many guys, the majority of whom were crude and did not know the first thing about dating. The girls on Saucy Dates weren’t even attractive to begin with.

They also weren’t serious about hooking up which was a big problem for us.


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