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I find it strange that a so called dating site would make a game that gave bonuses on the NUMBERS / STATS of the pets that were purchase....a LOVING DATING site would in my opinion reward those that were LOVING... This happens because anyone can create a app or a website....Don't waste your time on this site, it's full of morons, liars, scammers and fake profiles.i have two profiles from 20 and i must admit on both profiles i have no problems i met someone on my first profile now over 10 yrs ago and am still with him we have our ups and downs but thats in any relationship the way it goes there were a couple of bad apples along the way but thats what the block button is for so to anyone who has problems make your profile private so noone can find out that way youll have no problems at all i love my tagged and have a lovely set of friends there so ill be staying for a while lol only one bad point is if tagged is listening can i have my music player repaired please lol I meet this man after 12mths of conversation via site and Whats App he is 24/25yrs old lives in holland im 15yrs old gay he knew that i liked him and i think he liked me we had sex 3 times and i never saw him again.when in fact a lot just signed on once, or they quit, or they were created by a tagged group to make a pet run.The PET game is flawed; it has about 400 members that are obsessive about being at the top.... Moreover, TAGGED rules benifit the crazy people and the war...I can't get real girlfriend they lots of scammers & scam & fake profiles from Ghana & Nigeria in Africa & few in Russia. Always scammers fake profile post pictures on status that why I always checked dragged pictures into Google Images easily to see if lots of link website that mean stolen pictures from owner then setup fake profile stay away romance scam by Ghana & Nigeria, if see no other link websites that mean real person no stolen pictures.

I had over 80,000 in favorites and 2 million in diamonds. thing is she hacks into the hi5 and Tagged software and does what she wants.even has gone as far as deleting me and sends me warnings from the hi5 and tagged site..i know its her because its at times im trying to post a skin or when im making one.knows when i make skins and she knows where im at.actually taken my skin out of my profile.has gone on for almost 4 years.can she keep getting away with it?I'm still waiting for any real genuine black women like me in UK area. Also, I found out that some other women experienced similar abuse coming from Jesse M. scam accounts are everywhere and as soon as you speak to one, they want your email and/or phone number. i never seen more prositutes in my life and i'm sick of it. this is techncally 2 sites in one ..virtually mirror image site is sites have virtually all the same members its full of scammers and fakes..i report numerous scammers , numerous times and they might delete a couple but it takes numerous times to even get one deleted Been on tagged few years then I got a Cyber stalker he stole my photos and made fake accounts informed tagged they did nothing then the cyber stalker hack more accounts and my laptop informed tagged again and What did they do suspend my account and keep the cyber stalker there having sent tagged a photo and my email and the date they still did nothing It could be possible because different people have had their profiles hacked and used by other people. The people that do it evidently hate themselves enough to use someone else's attributes instead of their own, or to scam.*Updated* 17th March 2019 I can't login Tagged anymore I bet many hacker & scammer & some people think I fake, someone reported me for no reason, I'm real person not fake profile. soon as they get it, they try to get you to meet up with them for sex but you need a credit card to prove to them you are safe to meet. gay dudes will stalk you to the point where you have to block them. Tagged is changing their policy from day to day and trying to make money for services which were free,now on some profiles you can't see if someone watched your profile, ok without the full name but you could see it before..I from Holland i had a relationship with this guy Didi his name is we slept together many times in space of 7 days i thought he was homosexual wow Beware everybody it looks like!!!!I have same pictures " data-username="Sammy  B." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Sammy B." data-details="Photo uploaded on 5/10/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/tagged.com#photo_109473" data-browse-link="/photos/tagged.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Tagged photos" Had been taking to dude meet on Tagged for 3yrs we video called for 3 yrs talked everyday he sent me pictures of his boy child i even spoke to his child many times we made plans, Had opportunity to go he pay 4 have my trip even Didi or Jayden took me around Amsterdam 24hs only i slept with him seemed natural stayed the night he said he had to go gym next day he left realised he stolen all my money, tablet and 1phone Never saw him again came back home went to sexual health clinic found out i had STD only been in 1 relationship married for 10 yrs divorce 4 3 never been with anyboy else what a fool i was now im paying the price i cant have children i know it was him who gave me STD BEWARE!!Profiles of scammers are not being removed while good and nice people are being removed.Stay away from ts the only way to make them suffer!please beware of this user I been with Tagged since 2012 and since 2017 the site is changed and overrun by girls who looking to sell their nudes, escorts, or anyone who they can ask for money.Ever since places like backpage and craiglist closed its now overrun by girls who trying to sell their p***y.i think i know what she means ..i reviewed of times but only my latest review showed up...another review of same site seems to archive any previous reviews of same site..searching tagged on te search button here If you have been OFF LINE for more than 3 months...they say "3 months ago" yes, proper English translation should be "More than 3 months ago" Obviously Tagged does this to look like there are many pets...


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