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ven for an afternoon business meeting, Andrey Andreev, the world’s top online dating tycoon, dresses like he’s headed to a nightclub: black jeans, a black bomber jacket and his signature custom-made Prada white T-shirt.

“I have hundreds, the world’s biggest collection of Prada white T-shirts,” the 45-year-old says.

Former employees describe a Byzantine corporate structure, revolving around tax avoidance, that encompasses subsidiaries in places ranging from Cyprus to the British Virgin Islands, with strategy meetings in Malta thrown in for good measure.

Meanwhile, no fewer than 13 former Badoo workers depict a 600-employee company with a London headquarters that seems clearly toxic, especially for women, including internal engineering updates named after porn stars and a widely circulated video of one employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute.  The irony couldn’t be much more biting.

At the Michelin-starred HIDE, he gestures at a wall made of light oak.

His explanation: Malta is where the company develops intellectual property.“It’s a fairly common tax avoidance structure,” says Tommaso Faccio, a tax expert at the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, a think tank.

At the time, was the world’s biggest online dating service but hadn’t launched in Russia.

Mamba was free but users had an option to pay in order to push their profile to the top of the site.

At 12, he says, he built a crude ham radio that enabled him to have conversations with strangers around the world.

His first conversation, during the Cold War, was with someone in the U. “The guy [on the other line] said, ‘I’m from New York,’ and I could not believe it.


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