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In summer 2015, an unknown band of hackers hacked this service.

They threatened its owners to leak the entire database unless the website was shut down. They badly want users to return and keep using their websites.

Illegal files can find their way onto your system even without your permission.

Back in 2010, criminals stored child pornography on the computers of unsuspecting innocents through the use of a virus.

If you are not careful visiting adult websites, you can find yourself in a legal trouble.

Even if you don’t have absolutely any intention of participating, visiting porn sites can affect you.

Such malware can release your browsing history to the public, report you to the FBI for pornography, etc., unless you pay the fee of a few hundred dollars to hackers.

Easily cloned, easily modified, and seemingly easy to bypass security checks, malicious malwares are masquerading as duplicate apps, waiting to infect your device.

Even experts can make mistakes, and even one mistake can be enough to ruin your life.Most probably, these regular viewers do so using incognito mode to keep their search history clear.Sure, with incognito mode, your family won’t discover your sexual preferences, as your session history is not stored locally. This is a huge security-and-privacy issue that tends to get overlooked.When you use your real IP address while web surfing, hackers can steal your sensitive information, linking pornographic search data to your IP. As another scenario, a porn company the website of which you view can be hacked, and the personal data of all visitors can be available to adversaries.This is possible even when browsing in incognito mode.As this mode is not equal to the invisible browsing.The incognito browsing is a dangerous thing, as it can mislead users into thinking that they’re entirely protected. This means that you give a website a lot of information about your computer and your identity every time you visit it.Malware is more commonly distributed through advertising networks.One inconsiderate click and you could end up downloading a virus, Trojan, worm, or whatever else is out there that can lock down your computer.Not only your IP address is now available to these third parties, but also your location, your system hardware, the information about the browser you’re using, or even whether your device is in hand or sitting on a table.All these make the porn advertisers build detailed profiles that can be easily shared with other companies.


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